Root Canal Treatment

  • 2023-10-06

What is Filling?
It is the process of restoring the function of teeth that have been anatomically shaped due to trauma or substance loss. With filling treatment, deformities caused by various reasons are eliminated, and teeth gain a healthier structure and a more aesthetic appearance.

How Long Does Tooth Filling Treatment Take?
The filling treatment application is planned considering factors such as the structure of the tooth, its location, and the patient's expectation, after the clinical and radiological examination performed by the dentist. The filling application takes an average of 20-30 minutes. Depending on the clinical condition of the tooth and the type of filling applied, this duration may vary.

Is Tooth Filling a Painful Procedure?
In filling treatment, it is preferred to perform the procedure under local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort and a smooth treatment process. As a result of the numbing of the tooth to be treated, patients do not feel any pain during the treatment.
After the filling treatment, mild pain and sensitivity may be experienced, but this condition will decrease and disappear shortly.

How is Tooth Filling Treatment Done?
After the examination, the tooth area where the filling application is decided is anesthetized using local anesthetics. The decay and residues on the tooth are carefully removed with suitable equipment. The filling material is given an appropriate shape on the tooth. After the necessary preparations, adhesive systems are used to ensure a strong bond of the filling material to the tooth. The filling material is hardened using a radiation device. The surface of the hardened filling material is smoothed, and any high areas are identified and abraded, transforming it into the most natural state for the patient.

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